Former Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Confesses Every Moment Was Hard For Her Due To Malicious Comments

She’s better at handling them now.

Former Rainbow member Hyunyoung openly talked about malicious comments and how they hurt her.

During a mukbang on her YouTube channel, she admitted that she went through many crises while promoting in the entertainment industry. “These crises come at any moment. I’ve had a lot of crises while in the industry.”

| chohyunyoungTV/YouTube

She revealed that she received all different kinds of malicious comments from sexual harassment to the way she looked. To the comments about her appearance, she responded, “I’ve just gotten older. I try my best not to think about it too much.”

| chohyunyoungTV/YouTube

She also added, “These malicious comments have died down a bit now. But previously, people were able to leave comments on portal sites,” revealing that the new guidelines to remove comments from news articles have helped lessen her stress.

YouTuber Fitvely, who was a guest on her channel commented, “The people who write the malicious comments are strange. We are not the ones that are strange.”

Watch the full mukbang below!

Source: insight