Former SEVENTEEN trainee reveals why he chose to leave and quit idol life

A former Pledis trainee decided not to debut with SEVENTEEN, and he revealed the reason why.

Jang Do Yoon, who is currently participating in JTBC’s Mix Nine, was actually one of the final candidates for SEVENTEEN.

He had appeared on Seventeen TV, a reality program introducing the trainees of SEVENTEEN.

However, instead of joining the group, he debuted as an actor through KBS’s Happy! Rose Day and appeared on several other shows including SNL Korea Seasons 8 and 9.

But Jang Do Yoon has recently revealed why he decided to leave the group at the last minute.

“Although I trained to become an idol for 4 years, I really wanted to become an actor.

So when I was 20, I made up my mind to take the path of an actor.

SEVENTEEN is the group I was in. But I don’t regret leaving the group because I am acting now.”

– Jang Do Yoon

Some netizens are questioning why he decided to appear on Mix Nine since he decided to become an actor.

But fans are excited to see Do Yoon stand on stage as an idol and hopefully reunite with his SEVENTEEN brothers.

Watch Do Yoon’s full audition performance on Mix Nine!