Former Stray Kids Member Woojin Followed Baekhyun On IG, And Wishes For A Collab Are Rolling In

Fans have the jokes ready for how much they want a collaboration.

Back in October of last year, less than half a year ago, Woojin left fans heartbroken with his sudden departure from Stray Kids. As for the reason why, JYP Entertainment only cited “personal circumstances.”

While fans worried whether he was doing fine and taking care of himself, Woojin finally opened both a Twitter and Instagram to keep them updated. Fans were quick to show him support, his Instagram nearing one million followers. There was something else that fans noticed recently.

Since he’s only following eighteen people, they instantly noticed that Woojin had followed EXO‘s Baekhyun.

Fans loved the news so much that they joked that Woojin should join SuperM ASAP. With the supergroup being comprised of members from other groups, the joke was a total hit, showing just how happy they’d be to see the two artists together.

Since both artists are amazing vocalists, fans can’t help but wish for a collaboration between them. Hearing both their voices in one song would sound absolutely amazing.

Another fan thought there might be another reason for the follow, though. Since Woojin was once a trainee at SM Entertainment, he may have become friends with Baekhyun. Sometimes, there are friendships between idols that no one would’ve ever known about.

Although it’s unsure what, if anything, will happen, fans are now waiting to see if Baekhyun will follow him back. After all, anything can happen, especially with Baekhyun being vocal about the music he makes.

Whether Woojin collaborates with Baekhyun or releases music of his own, fans will be looking forward to whatever the future holds for him.