Webtoon Artist Shares Her Experience Being Taught By BTS J-Hope’s Father In High School

Like father like son!

Webtoon artist Runo revealed through a fun webtoon story her experience in high school as a student in BTS J-Hope’s father’s class.

She drew fun images to share her story in more detail and received much attention from ARMYs. Here’s her full story below!

She prefaced that because the story was from a long time ago, the order of events might be off and the words might not be exactly how each person said it.

While I was experiencing a desolate high school life, my high school Korean language teacher’s son brought us fun and surprise…and J-Hope was also an alma mater from the school. I had a stronger image of ‘the son of a Korean language teacher’ rather than the image of a member of an idol group, so I couldn’t see his influence and popularity until I talked about it with the students at the academy.

⁠— Runo

After seeing how the students loved him so much I realized he really was in a powerful position. Even now when I meet my friends from high school, they all say, “Wow isn’t BTS really amazing?” and we wonder how our teacher is doing. This story will be divided into three parts. Have fun reading it!

⁠— Runo

It was fascinating to see so many current and former students from our school reading my story. I even received messages from many readers and overseas fans too! I’ve come to realize once again that the world is so small and that the popularity of BTS is so powerful. There were many moments, but this was the most memorable story from our teacher.

⁠— Runo

It was so interesting and cute to see our teacher asking us to vote for his son. I also remember all the additional stories he told about his son with a shy but proud heart. I think this was a good opportunity for me to tell the story before I forgot more of it.

⁠— Runo

In the last part of her series, she was sad that she didn’t have more memories with her teacher as shes knew that many people were waiting to hear more stories.

If I remember correctly, BTS was a group that was known for their ‘knife choreography’ videos on Facebook. In addition, each album gained popularity with their songs and when I moved up a grade, they had become a really popular group. So we always said jokingly to invite them to our school’s festival to perform. BTS became a symbol that represented our school up until I graduated. They were a group that both students and teachers loved. While telling this story, I’ve realized how high of a position BTS is in the world.

I hope that J-Hope, just like his dad, will continue to be loved. Also thank you to everyone who gave attention to my small story. With a thankful heart, I will released a bonus episode about J-Hope soon!

— Runo

| @bts_twt/Twitter

After reading her story, we can see where J-Hope gets his personality from! Stay tuned for the bonus edition episode about the time J-Hope visited their school!