Former Super Junior Member Han Geng Revealed What He Went Through As An Idol Under SM Entertainment

“I used to be a pale skinned, good-looking idol who danced well and had a lot of fans…”

Former Super Junior member Han Geng touched on his SM Entertainment K-Pop idol days during an interview on Chinese TV show Roundtable School.

Han Geng talked about his decision to quit his career as a K-Pop idol. Doing so, he explained the difficulties of being under the strict control of the entertainment agency.

I used to be a pale skinned, good-looking idol who danced well and had a lot of fans. But that’s in the past. The agency controlled everything about me and how I look or what I represent. I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do. Idols are asked to put their agencies and their team ahead of themselves.

— Han Geng

He shared his decision to leave the team and return to China came when he confronted the agency and was told that he couldn’t act while being a part of Super Junior.

But I really wanted to act. I didn’t see myself jumping around and dancing past thirty years old… I have my own plans.

— Han Geng

When the host asked if he does not need the fans, Han Geng answered, “I do need fans, but I can’t give them a lot of things.”

To Han Geng’s comments, both Chinese and foreign fans have reacted with negative criticism, saying that Han Geng was selfish and shouldn’t be talking about Super Junior anymore.

  • “So he means he wanted to put himself first, before the team. That’s why he left.”
  • “What’s wrong with dancing at 30 years old? Don’t talk down on things simply because you can’t do it.”
  • “His fans must be devastated to hear Hangeng won’t give them much in return.”
  • “Can he stop talking about Super Junior? Hasn’t he been out of the group longer than he has been in the group? Why is he still talking about it?”

He debuted in Super Junior in 2005, but left the group in 2009 after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract, breaking thousands of fans’ hearts with his decision.

Han Geng in Super Junior-M’s “Super Girl”.