Former Trainee Reveals How BTS Members Took Care Of Suga During His Special Day Even When They Didn’t Have Enough Money

BTS was so broke, they only ate chicken breasts every day. But they still did this special thing for Suga.

BTS is a worldwide phenomenon with an estimated group net worth of $60 million USD — and that’s just for the year 2019!

With their comeback, world tour and upcoming endorsements and partnerships this 2020, that $60-million-net-worth is guaranteed to increase.


Did you know that back when they were trainees, though, BTS didn’t have a lot of cash to go by? Even though they didn’t have enough cash, they still cared a lot for each other.

Jihoon, a 94 line trainee who lived with BTS in the dorms for a while, revealed how they wanted to prepare Suga‘s lunch for the Suneung exam.

Suneung stands for College Scholastic Ability Test, a type of standardized test accepted by South Korean universities which happens every November.

At that time, Jin hasn’t joined the group yet, so Suga was the oldest in the group.

RM gathered the group together and said that since Suga will be the first one to take the exam, they should do something nice for him.

After all, taking an important exam like this counts as a special day, right?

On the morning of the exam day, Jihoon and Namjoon prepared the lunch.

Jungkook and Taehyung were in-charge of checking up on Suga to make sure that he’s still sleeping.

To add icing to the cake, the guys also wrote encourage letters to Suga to show their support to him as he takes the exam.

The funniest part about this?

Suga pretended to sleep while they worked!

At first, he thought about just buying gimbap (Korean dried seaweed rice rolls) since his family was all in Daegu so no one was there to pack lunch for him.

When he heard the members making noise, though, he thought they were preparing his lunch for his, so he just pretended to sleep!

Anyway, they repeatedly told me to open my lunchbox at lunch time so I waited until lunch time. When I opened it, it was a chicken breast dish with rice, vienna sausages, and rolled up omelets. I mean, we’re trainees; where would they get money from? They just made it with what we had in our dorm, but I ate it very deliciously by myself.

– Suga

Keep in mind that at this time, BTS members were so broke that they all ate chicken breasts every time since it was the healthiest food they could afford.

Still, their love and care for their hyung made them go the extra mile!

This just proves that BTS is such a famous and well-loved group because the members treat each other as family.

To hear more about this touching story, check out the video from Jihoon’s YouTube channel, Brightoon TV, here:

Source: baepsayed and Brightoon TV