Former Trainees Reveal Why They Quit Trying To Become An Idol

Becoming an idol is hard work.

K-Pop idols usually have to go through long training times in order to get a chance at debuting. The training process can be extremely stressful and only a handful are selected to debut into a group. A few former trainees talked about how difficult it can be.

Things like weight have always been a hot topic in terms of K-Pop because of how thin idols are expected to look. Trainees are also expected to follow this rule and companies are extremely strict on trainees and their weight.

Since lots of people become trainees at a relatively young age, that means they’re usually students too. Trainees have to find time in the day to not only practice but to attend school and complete school work.

With the number of trainees that companies usually have, it’s usually not enough to just be a good singer and/or dancer. Trainees have to find unique qualities about themselves and try to stick out from the others, show why they’re special.

Despite all this stress and work, that doesn’t mean that trainees are treated well. Companies are extremely blunt about telling them where they need to improve and if their looks need to be improved by surgery.

These trainees talk about all these factors and how it contributed them to leave their respective companies. Leaving these conditions gave a sense of freedom and relief of stress to the former trainees.

Here is the full video below.