Former Trainees Spill The Tea On Trainees Dating Each Other And How Not To Get Caught

A familiar trainee revealed just what happens behind the scenes.

In AYO‘s latest episode of Comment Defenders, they recruited those with experience as trainees to respond to the burning questions of its viewers: Bin Haneul, who’s been on Idol School and a trainee for eight years, and twenty-year-old Choi Ye Jin.

From their experience training separately and together, they were more than prepared to answer a question many were curious about: trainees dating.

A viewer pointed out the temptation of how attractive trainees could be, “There should be so many pretty and cute trainees, and you can never date a single person ever…?

Haneul was quick to confirm that trainees didn’t follow the ban on dating for that reason, “I’ll just say it. They do it a lot! They can’t help it because pretty and cute people see each other often, then it’s possible they can have a spark.

She also noted there was a deeper reason for trainees dating among themselves.

Because of their schedules, it would be difficult to find someone who wasn’t a trainee that could match well with them, “It’s hard for trainees to date a person in a different field since the time they live is different so that they won’t understand each other.

Ye Jin agreed, noting that trainees would be able to connect on a deeper level because of the specific lifestyle they share. “They’re people who have the same goal, so they have a lot of things in common. It can’t be helped, I think.

As for most companies forbidding their idols and trainees from dating, Haneul and Ye Jin both didn’t recommend it. That didn’t stop them from revealing how trainees avoid getting caught.

Since they try their best to keep their relationships secret, Ye Jin mentioned that trainees erase their Kakao history to clean up their tracks, “Deleting Kakao.

Though they’re working toward their dreams, trainees are only human. Who could fault them for looking for human connection? See Bin Haneul and Choi Ye Jin spill the tea on why trainees date among themselves.

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