Former U-KISS Member Alexander Reveals He Once Almost Got Arrested For Being An Illegal Immigrant

“Nobody knew about this.”

Former U-KISS member Alexander sat down for an interview with YouTube channel JAYKEEOUT x VWVB. The video was released on July 28.

Besides revealing the real reason he left U-KISS, he also explained how difficult it was to be a foreign K-Pop idol. He only trained for 8 months before debuting in 2008 with “Not Young”.

Being a foreigner K-Pop idol here was so difficult.

— Alexander

In one performance in front of the embassy, he and fellow member Eli from the United States got into hot waters with the officials.

Nobody knew about this but Eli and I, we almost got arrested for working as illegal immigrants.

— Alexander

The two apparently faced difficulties with their visas.

We didn’t have the proper visas.

— Alexander

This was incredibly unexpected because they were discovered when they were set to perform in front of the very people who almost arrested them!

It was so ironic because we were supposed to go perform for the Department of Immigration. And then they checked our documents and were like, ‘Wait a minute. You’re artists from abroad but you’re working without visas?

— Alexander

Seoul Immigration Office | @Aclipse

Eli and Alexander weren’t the only idols who experienced something like this. Others had to research the “artist, entertainer, and athlete” visa that allows foreigners to engage in profitable entertainment activities.

Also Nichkhun from 2PM. His manager was figuring out what an E6 visa was and such.

— Alexander

For being among the very first foreign K-Pop idols in the industry, they had to go through hardships that no other idol had experienced.

So yeah…We went through a hard time.

— Alexander

Check out the full interview below.