Former YG Entertainment Trainee Lee Seoyeon Is Climbing Up The “Idol School” Rankings

Idol School contestant Lee Seoyeon is a former trainee from YG Entertainment.

Since the beginning of the show, she’s proven herself to be a fierce competitor and a top talent.

Although she didn’t score particularly high in the skills tests, she’s shined during each and every one of her performances.

During the latest episode of the show, Lee Seoyeon’s team chose to perform BLACKPINK‘s “Whistle” as their girl group cover.

And she totally nailed it!

As a result, her rankings went up as well and she joined the top 10 for the first time!

Slowly becoming a fan favorite, Lee Seoyeon is also one of the top talents on the show.

With how her popularity is building, it looks like Lee Seoyeon has a good shot at entering the top 9 and eventually debuting with Idol School.