Jinny Park And Roya Park Want To Make YG Regret Not Letting Them Debut

These former YG Entertainment trainees have a lot to prove!

Former YG Entertainment trainees Jinny Park (Park Jin Hee) and Roya Park (Park Seo Young) are both on Produce 48 as independent trainees. Both with a great deal of experience and exposure from their previous traineeship with YG Entertainment, the two trainees received all the attention by being introduced last.


When with YG Entertainment, Jinny Park trained as one of the select members preparing to debut as the girl group BLACKPINK. She was close to the current BLACKPINK member Lisa.


Jinny Park is receiving a tremendous amount of support from BLACKPINK fans, also known as BLINKs, for her pursuit of this second chance to debut as a K-Pop girl group.


Roya Park was a part of the project “Future 2NE1” — four girls that Yang Hyun Suk first revealed in 2012 as the agency’s next potential debuting girl group.


In a video of this “Future 2NE1” shared by YG Entertainment, the young Roya Park is showing off her amazing dance moves. Though this project group never made it to spotlight, Roya Park continued to pursue her dream to become an K-Pop idol.


Roya Park boasted she is “ready to make YG Entertainment regret that it lost the gem that I am.” 

Then she wowed the contestants by confidently claiming the #1 seat!


Jinny Park is currently ranked as number 52 and Roya Park at 34, both identified as Group C. Fans continue to root for these former YG Entertainment trainees and hope to see more from them!