Fortune Teller Believes That Our World Would Have Developed More If We All Worked As Hard As BTS

A fortune teller gives her thoughts about BTS.

A fortune teller named Yak Soo Ahm was asked to look at the fortunes of each member of BTS. In order for her to read their fortunes, she first analyzed each member’s birthdates using the lunar calendar. Here is her analysis for each member of the group. (*All statements made by the fortune teller are her own thoughts and opinions and are not factual by any means.)


RM is a kind-hearted person who has strong self-esteem. He is a very honest person and is also very clean and meticulous. However, he is someone that can never get his money back after borrowing someone money. He would have succeeded in careers such as a researcher or an inventor. He is also a good match for the entertainment and broadcasting industry. In terms of marriage, he matches well with someone who can be like a friend.


Jin is a mature and perfect person that might make people around him feel a bit tired. He has a deep, smart and calm personality. He is someone that doesn’t express his hardships to people. It can be hard to read him because he doesn’t show his emotions outwardly. For marriage, it’s best if he meets someone who is the oldest daughter or the youngest daughter. It is a good idea for him to learn English as it will come in handy for him. In terms of careers, a government worker or a CEO is good for him. He is very sociable and it may be hard for him to find a partner as he has a tendency to stop all relationships at the friend stage.


V is very elegant and wise but is also stubborn with his own opinions. He is always giving and sharing and will never make someone feel uncomfortable. He has a lot of charm and aegyo as well. He always tries to help people and sometimes he gets betrayed because of this. He is kind-hearted and sweet, but it’s is people like this that are the most scary when they get mad. He would be good as a director or someone who works in trade. He might have some problems naturally meeting a partner in life though.


Jungkook is very kind and is someone that adapts well to the environment he is in. Having many people follow him is both an advantage and a disadvantage for him. He has many goals but he is a bit weak in following through and putting things into action. If he had a little more persistence he would perfect. He has the power to see through others as well. He would be successful in careers such as psychology or something to do with honor. His partner would be someone who is either older or younger than him.


Suga has a lot of aegyo and a lot of emotions, however, he must watch out for women. He is the type to succeed due to his ability to plan out everything. If he dates someone, he dates them for a long time. He is someone that overcomes difficult hardships well. He would be good in fields such as police, doctor or professional careers.


J-Hope is mature and calm and many people follow him. Although he is good and respectful, he is a bit weak in putting things into action. He has the fortune of being a CEO due to his sense of strong responsibility and actions.


Jimin can be seen as the jack-of-all-trades. He is like an investigator that can see through everything. His con is that he is a bit impatient. He is also very prideful and although he can be fire when angry, he gets over things very quickly. He has a cool personality and is very intelligent. Although his persistence is a bit weak, he would do well in careers such as a judge or a lawyer.

The fortune teller believes that if everyone of this generation worked as hard as BTS, the world would have developed and improved more than what it is today.

What do you think of her analysis?