Fortune Teller Warned Heechul Not To Get Married Until He’s 45

Here’s why he shouldn’t.

On an upload of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, Min Kyung Hoon and Super Junior‘s Heechul visited a naming professional to get their rapper names.

The naming professional, Park Dae Hee explained that the foundation of naming a person is their fortune.

A name fills a part of you that’s empty. The foundation of a name is fortune.

— Park Dae Hee

And that’s how Heechul’s fortune was revealed.

According to Park Dae Hee, Heechul has a lot of self-esteem, and that if there’s an obstacle, he jumps past it.

But she warned Heechul to get married later.

She explained that he has to “play” for a little longer and get married at 45 years old.

Since Heechul is was 38 years old at the time, that means he has to wait 7 years until he can get married!

This clip gained attention because it was revealed in January 2020 that TWICE‘s Momo and Heechul were dating. The two have since separated.

Check out the clip below, starting at 1:20.

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