There Are Four Types Of Personalities, As Portrayed By BTS Members

Which one are you?

In a recent BTS Episode, BTS members were spotted preparing for their Saturday Night Live appearances in New York and ARMYs were thrilled to be taken behind the scenes of the boys’ American adventure.


When they walked into the stand-by room, BTS members noticed the recording equipment all set up waiting to catch their coolest moments. And ARMYs noticed that the different ways members reacted to the camera show the different types of personalities people have!


There is the “Average Joe” type. People with this steady and stable personality will lock eyes, say hello, and go on with their lives. This personality is, while average – for the lack of a better word, the easiest to spot. Polite, well-rounded, friendly, and sociable, the average Joes and Janes are the most of us. This includes RMV and Jimin, as they are known for their good-natured hearts and amiable personalities which make them easy-to-approach and love!


Then, there is the “Grumpy Cat” type. People with this feisty personality will most likely mind their own businesses and hate being bothered. Suga, who glanced over at the camera and continued to walk away without engaging, is a perfect example of this type personality. They don’t mean harm, they don’t want harm. Don’t let the word “Grumpy” give the wrong idea though – like any actual cat, these personalities need some time for opening up. But once they do, they’ll knead the attention.


There is also the “Love Yourself” type. Jin, who broke into singsong mode and could care less about who was watching – or filming, has exactly this personality. Always hyping himself up as “Worldwide Handsome”, Jin knows how to accept and love himself as is. People with this personality type will often glow with a healthy sense of confidence, inspiring their surroundings to do the same!


… and last, but not least, there is the “Super Sunshine” type that is Jungkook. People with this happy-go-lucky, we-have-come-to-brighten-up-your-day (or-week-or-month-or-even-your-year) personality are often overflowing with positive energy and sending out good vibes into the world!

While not captured in the video, J-Hope would most likely fall under this category too – ARMYs know. Being his bright and bubbly self, J-Hope would’ve most likely greeted the camera with a golden smile.


ARMYs had a good time watching and laughing at how, even from the simplest things like a morning greeting, the members’ personalities couldn’t be hidden!

Watch the full clip below: