French ARMYs Pick Up Cigarette Butts From The Street To Celebrate BTS Jungkook’s Birthday

“French ARMYs are the best!”

After news that K-ARMYs were spotted littering outside cafes celebrating Jungkook‘s birthday, fans on the other side of the world can’t relate. To celebrate BTS‘s maknae’s birthday, fans from France decided to take the initiative to pick up cigarette butts littered around the street.

Fans went around and picked up any cigarette butt they saw and stored them in plastic bottles to collect them.

Both Korean and international fans are impressed with their way of celebrating Jungkook’s birthday. In the past, BTS has been very vocal about loving not just ourselves but the planet we live on, so fans believe that collecting cigarette butts like this would make the members proud.

Korean netizens are praising French ARMYs for setting up such a project, with many even going as far as to say that international fans are better than the Korean ARMYs.

I’m so sad because of the Korean fans. I feel healed that to you guys [the international fans].

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo