French People Attempted Doing The “Asian Squat” And Failed Miserably

Not everyone can do the “Asian Squat.”

YouTuber Xinshidandan 信誓蛋蛋 set out on a mission to discover how many French people could do the “Asian Squat”, only to end up with some pretty hilarious results!


First, let us examine what exactly the “Asian Squat” is and what makes it different from any other type of squat.

During an “Asian Squat,” also known as a full squat, a person has their feet flat on the ground. In this position, they are very steady and can often hold their pose for long periods of time.


In contrast, a person doing the “Western Squat” is resting on the balls of their feet.

It’s known to be quite unsteady and hard to maintain for long periods of time.


As the YouTuber found out, a lot of westerns have a very hard time doing a full squat! First, he made his friend attempt the move.


When he was caught doing the wrong squat, the YouTuber quickly made sure his friend was doing it right.


Then, the two moved on and attempted to get other people in on the action.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t want anything to do with it.


So, he decided the only way people would try squatting was if he bribed them.


Which turns out to have been a great idea! Soon, people were trying the “Asian Squat” to receive a piece of candy.


More and more people were willing to try squatting to win a sweet treat.


Each person tried their hardest to remain in the position but ultimately found themselves falling on their backsides.


That is, until the YouTuber met up with this guy!

He was the only person who was able to remain in the squat!


Check out the full video below to experience the full hilarity!