French Subway Lines Tweet In Korean and Netizens and ARMYs Find It Funny Yet Adorable

Two subway lines had an adorable exchange in Korean!

On June 7, 2019, the Ligne 9 RATP Twitter account surprised netizens by tweeting in Korean.

Ligne 9 is on guard and the ride is smooth. Have a nice day!

What surprised fans more was when the Ligne 13 RATP Twitter account replied, also in Korean. The tweet was accompanied by a purple heart, which let fans know it was probably due to BTS‘s concert in Stade de France.

Our trains are also running well! Have a nice day and weekend!

Thus began the adorable exchange between the two subway lines.

Hello! Ligne 13, is your condition good?

We are done preparing for things for the night! We heard BTS, a Korean boygroup, is coming to Stade de France. We have prepared to escort ARMYs to the venue. Oh my my!

The tweet references BTS’s new song with Halsey, “Boy WIth Luv”! Fans and netizens alike find it adorable that the subway line is so supportive of the boys and their concert in France.

Fighting! Tonight, we totally feel the ‘Korean vibe’! There’s also the Korean team vs the Bleuses at FIFA Women’s World Cup at Parc des Princes today.

Wah, daebak! But our crowd will be louder?

Many found it adorable that the two accounts would communicate in Korean. They could tell the Korean was translated online, but they couldn’t help but find it hilarious and adorable at the same time.

We devote ourselves to BTS’s ARMYs!

Source: TheQoo