DAY6’s Young K’s Friends Congratulated Him In The Best Way When He Debuted

His friends made him a whole music video to congratulate him.😭

Before there was a Young K of DAY6, there was a boy in Toronto, Canada called Brian Kang. During this time, Young K began to pursue music and joined a group called 3rd Degree. He would later join another group known as KMESS.

| Terry He 何天宇/YouTube

KMESS consisted of the three original 3rd Degree members with the addition of two more. These groups primarily posted English cover songs on YouTube.

| Terry He 何天宇/YouTube

JYP Entertainment ended up scouting the three original members including Young K. This lead to Young K becoming a trainee under JYP Entertainment and joining as a member of a band 5LIVE. Later, the band became what we now know as DAY6.

DAY6 “Congratulations” | JYP Entertainment

When Young K successfully debuted, his friends were so excited to see their friend’s hard work pay off! The KMESS members got together to celebrate by sharing a tribute video consisting of pre-debut clips and inside jokes.

| Terry He 何天宇/YouTube

They also made one more cover song for YouTube. To wish Young K congratulations on his debut, they made a music video for an original English cover of DAY6’s “Congratulations.” 🥺 I think it’s safe to say they are his biggest fans.

| Terry He 何天宇/YouTube

You can watch the full video below.

Source: Terry He 何天宇