fromis_9’s Jiheon Proved She’s A Cover Dance Queen On Fact In Star

As soon as their debut song came on, she was lost.

fromis_9 were guests on the July 5 episode of Fact iN Star, and Jiheon quickly proved that she’s a cover dance master. For every hint she got up and danced to the correct song.

Even when she didn’t stand up she was doing every choreography in her seat.

When it came time to dance to fromis_9’s predebut single “Glass Shoes” however, Jiheon had no idea where to go in the formation.

She cutely scrambled around the dance floor until she found her spot, and once she did she turned into a dancing legend once more.

Being a dancing legend must be hard work, but Jiheon is handling just fine.

Watch fromis_9’s full song emoticon challenge below: