FTISLAND Just Revived Their Legendary Mannequin Challenge

They did it again!

In 2016, a viral video trend called the “Mannequin Challenge” took the internet, and the K-Pop world, by storm.


For this challenge, participants had to stay perfectly still to give the illusion that they are mannequins while a moving camera filmed them. Music, often Rae Sremmurd‘s “Black Beatles”, would play while the participants posed in absolute silence.


A number of idol groups accepted the challenge, and each one put their own creative spin on it, including GOT7 and TWICE (shown above). AOA used this challenge to promote “Excuse Me” by wearing the costumes they use for live performances of the song: plaid mini-dresses with red high heels.


SEVENTEEN struck silly poses while dressed in sparkling suits, and ended the challenge with a hilarious dance party.


GFRIEND dressed in their doll-like performance outfits and filmed the challenge at the luxurious W Hong Kong Hotel.

Meanwhile, B1A4 filmed their mannequin challenge in a cafe to their song “A Lie”. They posed as regular customers and broke character around the 3:00 minutes mark.


All of these challenge wins were impressive, but nothing quite tops FTISLAND‘s version. FTISLAND filmed their insane “Mannequin Challenge” during the FNC Kingdom Family concert…


…and involved their entire audience!


How they managed to get thousands of people to hold poses in total silence is still a mystery, but they did!


At the end of the challenge, FTISLAND unfroze and continued their energetic performance as nothing had happened.


As if that’s not cool enough, FTISLAND revived the “Mannequin Challenge” at one of their recent concerts…


…and it’s just as awesome as the original!


You can check out FTISLAND’s 2016 challenge here…


…and their 2018 one here.