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Now you can catch up with the entire story!

A few days ago, Twitter user @flirtaus created one of the most sensational BTS fanfics of 2018 that united the entire ARMY fandom. It even spawned its own hashtag that trended worldwide every day a new chapter was released.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Alternate Universe of BTS Outcast

But sadly all great things come to an end, and we have finally reached the end of this horror story….but we’re not done with the conspiracy theories.

To make things more interesting, the day BTS Outcast ended, BTS announced a new game. Coincidence?! I THINK NOT.

If you somehow have been living under a rock and haven’t gotten a chance to read the full story yet don’t fret, Koreaboo has collected it all making it easy to catch up with the entire story.