American Rapper Future Shares Video Of BTS’s V and Jimin

American rapper Future shared a meme of BTS‘s V playing the saxophone while Jimin danced, and fans couldn’t believe it.

Future recently uploaded a meme video of BTS’s V playing the saxophone on MBC‘s variety show, Star Show 360, to his official Facebook page. The original audio showed V attempting to play the saxophone in EDM-style, while Jimin tried to dance to V’s improvisation.

However, the audio in the meme video that Future uploaded had his song “Mask Off” dubbed over V’s saxophone playing, and it looked surprisingly in perfect sync with the flute in the instrumental. Whenever V took a breath while playing the sax, the flute also stopped at a break, and later on, Jimin’s dance to the audio appeared to be in sync as well.

Fans greatly appreciated Future’s sense of humor in sharing the video, and the majority of the comments expressed how shocked and amused they were at how Future uploaded a video of V despite having never expressed any interest for K-Pop in the past.