f(x)’s Amber Revealed That Even She’s Struggled With Confidence

And revealed how she finally overcame it.

We all know that f(x)‘s Amber exudes confidence on stage…


And off…


So it’s hard to imagine that Amber at one point in her life she wasn’t as confident in herself as she is now but she recently revealed that she hasn’t always been so confident.


Amber recently took to Snapchat with ID:K to talk about her Gone Rouge Tour. While she revealed the origins of “Rouge” as well as talked about her growth as an artist…


She also surprised a number of fans by opening up about her own struggles with confidence. Specifically her confidence in her songwriting ability.

“I started writing by myself and sometimes with my friends but I was always like very very cautious and scared when it came to being in sessions because you know I just didn’t have the confidence to put my stuff out there.”

— Amber


But with some love and support from friends and fans, she was able to realize that she is a good songwriter and should be more confident in her work.

“A lot of my friends and fans as well gave me that quote-unquote validation where I can have the confidence to think ‘like wait I think I am a good songwriter!'”

— Amber


Without all that support we may have never heard some of the many fantastic songs she wrote like “Beautiful”. She admitted that the song had already been written up for quite some time before it was released.

“With ‘Beautiful’ I just really love that song and I’ve always wanted to release the original version of it. When I first wrote it, it was originally written in English and I wrote it like when I was 20 or something. Although the song was released back in 2015 it’s something I really really believe in still to this day. It still resonates with me now very strongly, that self-love. I think that’s something everybody still needs.”

— Amber


During the interview, Amber also handed out some advice to newer idols that we can all put in use ourselves.

“Know what you want and don’t wait for the opportunity. Be a go-getter. Be proactive and always keep learning.”

— Amber


Check out all of her wise words and bits of knowledge in the video below: