F(x)’s Amber Revealed The Story Behind How BTS’s V Became Her “Little Brother”

BTS’s V officially has an older sister!

Fans know that f(x)’s Amber and BTS’s V have been close friends for years now.

Many will remember in 2016 during KCON LA, when V adorably ran towards Amber at the encore stage to greet her.

Amber is well known for her ability to make friends with virtually any K-Pop idol! With V, however, she has previously revealed that she is so close with him that she thinks of him as a little brother!

When asked about BTS, Amber answered that she loves BTS and made a revelation about V!

Well V is my little brother, so you know, that’s going on.

— Amber

In an interview, Amber was asked about her interaction with V which went viral several years ago. She was asked about the video of her and V having fun at KCON LA 2016, that made many ARMYs wish they were Amber.

Amber replied that she doesn’t think about them being celebrities or the possibility of bothering other people with her friendship.

She stated that she always has fun with V and that their friendship just naturally started.

I was just playing around with V. At that moment we wanted to say, ‘We are just friends, so why do we have to be wary about what others think about?’

— Amber

She revealed that her friendship with V actually started many years ago, as well as with BTS.

During the early phase of BTS and V, we met often due to a program, so we became friends.

— Amber

In 2014, Amber even invited all of the BTS members to celebrate her birthday.

She revealed that V and she have been friends for so long that they are very comfortable with being themselves around each other. Just like a sibling relationship, both Amber and V are their true selves when they are hanging out together.

In their friendship, there is a lot of fun with them, that it gives them the chance to relax.

We became friends that could play games with each other.

— Amber

While Amber has stated that they haven’t managed to hang out a lot due to how busy V is, she discussed that she plays video games with him—even though he is a really good player.

She told fans a hilarious story about how V tried to teach her how to play Overwatch. Although it was her first time, Amber did amazing at Overwatch and thought it was unexpectedly easy! It turned out that V was just pranking her and he changed the game settings to easy mode and secretly had her compete against the computer.

It’s clear that only a little brother is allowed to be this cheeky to Amber!