f(x)’s Luna Revealed That SM Entertainment Takes Too Much Money

She thought their cut was too big.

On an episode of Radio Star f(x)’s Luna stated that she was doing YouTube and talked about what it’s like.

Luna explained that she had a lot of fun doing online broadcasts because she felt like she was getting to know herself better.

I learn makeup tips from others and do YouTube broadcasts. Online broadcasts are so fun. I feel like I’m discovering myself. It’s just me in front of the camera. It’s really fun talking by myself and responding by myself.

ㅡ Luna

Luna then revealed that the Youtube account was her own personal account and that SM Entertainment had apparently allowed her to do it.

It’s my own personal account. SM is known to be strict but in terms of Youtube, they’re not that strict. They told me to show even more and show everyone Lujooma (Luna + middle-aged woman ahjooma).

ㅡ Luna

Another guest on the program, announcer Oh Jeong Yeon, who is managed under SM C&C, claimed that the agency demanded a share of the earnings if she were to do Youtube.

I was going to do Youtube but they told me not to do it alone and to share the earnings legally too.

ㅡ Oh Jeong Yeon

When she heard this, Luna confessed that she did share the earnings with SM legally and added that they take too much.

We do share the earnings legally. The company takes a lot. SM takes too much.

ㅡ Luna

But according to Luna, the account became solely hers starting in August, so she asks fans to continue to visit her channel and watch her!