f(x) Luna Reveals Her Trick Behind Bigger Looking Boobs

f(x)’s Luna created a tutorial on how to apply body makeup on the arms, breasts, and abs.

She taught her viewers how to make their arms slimmer, breasts bigger, and abs clearer, all with just makeup.

She first started with arm makeup, using a 5:5 combination of body oil and tanning lotion to create a contour shade.

Then, she rubbed the contour shade on the underside of her arm to extend the natural shadow.

She then highlighted the most prominent parts of her arms to accentuate the shadows when the sun hits them.

To create the image of a bigger bust, she used some contour shadow and a brush to draw a V shape around her cleavage.

She made sure to blend well so that the contour shadow didn’t clump or get blotchy on her skin.

She then used a contour stick to drew three lines down her stomach to create the illusion of abs.

She recommended drawing a small gap in the middle to illustrate the gap between each ab before blending.

Finally, she highlighted the parts of the abs that stuck out to create the illusion of clearer abs.

Here’s her final look! Can you see the difference?

Check out her full tutorial below!