F(x) Luna Reveals She Used High-Tech Gear To Help Her Lose Weight

Luna‘s strict three section weight loss regime is based on her promotional schedules, leading many to speculate that it’s time for f(x)‘s next comeback.

Earlier this year Luna talked a bit about her not recommended diet plan and daily regime. Through her Youtube channel, Luna has been able to share a lot of personal aspects to her life that we haven’t otherwise been able to see.

Yesterday on TvN‘s The List, Luna was able to go more in depth about how her diet plan and weight loss journey all came to fruition in 2015. In compliment to the very strict food intake, she followed a workout routine of leg massages, cardio, weight training, and yoga.
Her gym sessions however were special in that she used a method called EMS training. This involves her donning a special suit which sends small electric pulses throughout her body to aggravate her muscles which in turn – allegedly – amplifies the effects of her workout.

So much so that this method claims to turn a 20 minute workout to have the same effect as a 6 hour workout session.

The diet was split into three sections. The first diet plan consisted of cheese and two eggs whites with one egg yolk for breakfast, no lunch, and only vegetables for dinner.

For the second plan, she ate mostly fruits such as strawberries, tomato, apple, dried persimmon and one sweet potato. She also made a homemade juice mixture. This dietary set up was allowed during comebacks and important schedules as she did not have the same amount of energy or time to diet during these periods.

When she was back on a break from schedules, Luna also returned to her diet. The third, and most extreme plan, basically did not allow her to eat. Luna only drank 2 bottles of water, lemon water, and green tea during these times.

Since debut, she has been discontent with her body, particularly her legs. It was not until 2015 when she implemented this schedule that she began to see results.Luna rotated these dietary schedules in order to lose 8kg (17.6 pounds). Her schedules have been more spread out these days and to speed up a comeback she has asked fans to keep mentioning f(x). Luna had a solo debut in 2016 with “Free Somebody” but it has been two years since f(x) released an album.

While f(x) has been doing scattered promotional activities, their last official comeback was in 2015 with “Four Walls”. With Amber’s mysterious Instagram message many are wondering about the future of the group.

Check out “Four Walls” below!


Source: Dispatch