Sulli Amazes Crowd With Stylish Fashion In Rare Public Appearance

Sulli doesn’t often venture into the public eye, but when she does, she knows how to make an appearance! The crowd went wild as Sulli walked to the premiere and it’s not hard to see why.

Master finally premiered last night (December 19th) and all the stars were out for the premiere, including Sulli. We haven’t been seeing a lot from this young idol lately, so it was a treat to see her looking stunning in her cute outfit. The oversized, sequined shirt draped loosely about her shoulders, exposing her elegant collarbones and reminding us how beautiful she is. She paired the shirt with a simple pair of jeans and plain, blue boots.

Take a look at Sulli’s stylish outfit below:

Sulli 161219 - 8
The way the shirt drapes around her shoulders belies the perfect figure underneath.

Sulli 161219 - 7
What a cute purse to go with her stylish outfit.

Sulli 161219 - 5
What a goddess.

Sulli 161219 - 4
What a humble outfit.

Sulli 161219 - 6
The way the shirt hangs gives us a glimpse at the dainty necklaces Sulli paired with this outfit.

Sulli 161219 - 3
Sulli even took a special selca for us before stepping out of the car for the premier.

Sulli 161219 - 2
Sulli and her co-stars looking sharp.

Can’t wait to see what else Sulli has in store for us!