f(x)’s Amber deals with stress in this unusual way

Not even we could have guessed how f(x)’s Amber deals with the stress in her life.

On a recent episode of her vlog series, Ranting Monkey, Amber opened up about the unusual way she deals with stress. Amber loves skateboarding, and she uses that to unwind!  In this vlog, Amber takes us to a skatepark, showing glimpses of her practicing tricks and falling in the process.

She talks about how the pressure to be perfect in the entertainment industry can cause a lot of stress.

“I was always so paranoid about embarrassing myself and failing… You know it’s not all ponies and rainbows,” explains Amber.

So why did Amber decide to take up skateboarding in the first place and how did that spark inspiration for her?

“I initially picked up skating again because, you know, I just wanted fresh air, and any form of exercise has always been a stress reliever for me. I was practicing a trick. I was falling and falling and missing the board and rolling on the floor. The moment I landed that trick, it just clicked in my head. You need failure to succeed. Failure will teach you how to think differently. It will test your will to find a solution.”

Any final words of advice from Amber?

“As long as you are better or trying to be better than the person that you were yesterday, you’re good!”

This isn’t the first time Amber has delivered inspirational messages. She has expressed the importance of being courageous and not giving up in her personal song, “Borders“.

We’re glad that Amber has the courage to discuss important issues that her fans can relate to.

Amber, keep the advice coming. We can all use come of your wisdom!