f(x)’s Amber Is An Angel And This Footage Of Her Helping A Fan In Need Is Proof

She went out of her way to help her fan.

Amber may be focusing on activities in the US at the moment, having signed with Steel Wool Entertainment and released an English mixtape, Rogue Rouge, but she is still very much a part of f(x), keeping in contact with her members often.


Her fans love her not just for her talent at rapping, singing, dancing and composing, but for her open mind and hardworking attitude.


She’s also super hilarious…totally rocking her “llama” nickname.


And savage to her friends, including Super Junior‘s Henry!


She’s proven her kindness many times, including at KCON LA when a fan was crying while meeting the f(x) members.


The fan didn’t have anything for the members to sign and was overwhelmed, but Amber didn’t hesitate to hug her instead.


She even ran to go get the fan some napkins to wipe her eyes with!


Her close friend, singer Ailee, once said she worried about Amber getting “taken advantage of because of her kindness.”


Amber is many things, and kind is definitely one of them!