F(x)’s Krystal Looks Like She Stepped Out Of A Vampire Anime In These Photos

Have we stumbled upon her secret identity?

F(x)‘s Krystal uploaded black-and-white photos of herself to SNS recently, showing off her full charm with cute schoolgirl braids.

With her sharp look and neatly done braids, she radiates the same energy as the protagonist Saya from the anime Blood: The Last Vampire!

Although Krystal is in her mid-20s, she’s ageless like a vampire, still looking like she could be in her teens!

While Krystal probably isn’t a vampire, her youthful appearance and uncanny resemblance to Saya are certainly worth noting.

Perhaps if there’s ever a remake of the live-action, Hollywood should consider casting Krystal for the role!

In the meantime, Krystal is reportedly shooting the movie Sweet and Sour.

Source: wowkorea