f(x)’s Luna Reveals Her Diet and Exercise Secrets

Luna shares her tips and tricks to help you get that perfect beach bod after putting on all that holiday weight. 

The main vocalist of f(x) started a YouTube channel 4 months ago, in which she shows her fans all of the fun and exciting activities that she experiences. Other than showing fans the interesting things that she does as an artist, she also shares many secrets and behind-the-scenes footage of the idol maintenance process.

During her latest promotions, fans noticed the extreme weight loss and transformation that Luna went through and now viewers get a glimpse of how she got there. In recent episodes of her show, Luna’s Alphabet, Luna shared her diet plan for the different seasons a girl group member goes through, her beauty routine, and her daily exercise plan.

Luna cautioned that she does not recommend her diet, as it is not very healthy. The main point of her diet is to workout and maintain a diet to remove salinity and swelling. Let’s see what a typical day for Luna looks like.

She starts off the day with a face pack.

Luna then reveals a diet plan in which you can lose weight just by drinking more water. Two 1.5 L bottles of water, two green tea bags, and two thin slices of lemon and you’re ready to go!

The lemon green tea can reduce one’s appetite, and therefore reduce the likelihood of snacking excessively. It is also very effective in reducing body fat.

Luna also shares that she usually exercises for 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. She begins her exercise with muscle stretching.

Then she does an upper body strength exercise with light dumbbells.

Next, she does pushups.

Bet you’ve never seen someone so happy to do some band stretching.

Next up, some press up action with a kettle ball.

Can’t forget the hot potato exercise.

And, lastly, 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Before heading to sleep, you can also do these effective and fat-reducing exercises right on your bed! Do the “sky bicycle” for 5 minutes per set, and do 3 sets.

Check out the full episodes of Luna’s videos here!