f(x)’s Luna Says if Fans Do This One Thing, Their Comeback May Come Sooner

f(x)‘s Luna aired a live broadcast on her Instagram account and mentioned one specific thing their fans can do to possibly make f(x)’s comeback happen sooner.

On February 15, Luna aired a live broadcast through Instagram while she was on her way to a schedule with her manager.

She started off by playing fellow member Krystal and June One Kim‘s recent collaboration, “I Don’t Wanna Love You” and recommended the song to her viewers.

After responding to several fans’ comments and expressing her thanks and love for their support, she updated them on a possible f(x) comeback. She explained,

f(x) is going to come back soon, so please continue supporting us and mentioning us whenever you can, so maybe our company [SM] will help our comeback happen sooner?… f(x) will be coming back with all members present, so don’t worry!”

– Luna of f(x)

She then ended by thanking her fans again and reassured them that f(x) will be coming back with all of the members.

Watch her broadcast here!