f(x)’s Luna Stunned Everyone At Her First Solo Concert

Congratulations on your first solo concert, Luna!

f(x)‘s Luna held her first solo concert, “The Fragrance of Luna” in Seoul on the 25th and 26th of May 2019. There, she wowed everyone with her live vocals and her outstanding stage presence.

Luna performed some of f(x)’s hit songs, including “4 Walls”, “Hot Summer”, and “All Mine.” She also sang some of her past solo songs, including “Free Somebody”, “Breathe”, and “Keep on Doin'”.

She also performed some unreleased tracks, including “Flower”, “April 14”, and more. On top of that, she performed a song with singer Jeon Sang Keun and her older sister.

Luna made sure to stay close with her fans, interacting with them constantly throughout the show. She made sure to leave the fans with her special scent, showing her love to all of them.

It’s my first solo concert, 10 years after my debut. I want to show you all of my passion, and I am so thankful to spend this meaningful moment with all of you.

– Luna

Source: Naver