f(x)’s Victoria Spotted In Red Velvet Outfit, But It’s Not What It Sounds Like

f(x)‘s Victoria wowed fans at a recent press conference in this incredibly unique and flashy outfit.

f(x)’s Victoria will be starring in the upcoming film Legend of the Ancient Sword 2which is in pre-production right now. At a press conference for the film (on December 16th), Victoria stood out from the rest of the cast in an eye-catching red velvet suit. While her fellow cast members wore classic press conference attire (like suits and dresses), Victoria wore pointy leather boots, leather-backed red velvet pants, and a long red velvet blazer. What an outfit!

Check out Victoria’s flashy outfit below:

f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 1
Victoria’s low-cut red blazer is so flashy you almost miss the delicate necklace she’s paired it with!
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 2
Victoria and her co-star look ready to take on anything.
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 3
She’s really stealing the show in this outfit.
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 4
Don’t you just want to touch it?
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 5
The red outfit really makes Victoria’s lips pop!
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 6
Looking comfy and casual.
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 10
She really knows how to pull off those pointy leather boots.
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 11
Victoria makes sure all eyes are on her!
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 12
f(x) Victoria - Red Velvet 14
Not many could pull this outfit off. Kudos, Victoria!    

As of right now, there has been no official announcement on the release date of Legend of the Ancient Sword 2. Hopefully, Victoria has many more chances to bless us with funky new outfits like this one!