G-Dragon’s gift to Park Shin Hye in Paris will make you super jealous

G-Dragon gave Park Shin Hye a special gift while at a party in Paris.

Park Shin Hye uploaded two photos to her Instagram on January 26, with one being a novelty gift she received from her close friend, G-Dragon, and another one wearing a clothing item from G-Dragon’s fashion brand, PEACEMINUSONE.

She uploaded a picture of a clip branded “PEACEMINUSONE” along with a fake 10,000 Won bill (approximately $9 USD). The fake bill made for his recent closing reception party for his “PEACEMINUSONE” exhibition, held in Paris, France.

The party flyer was posted on G-Dragon’s personal Instagram account and the fake money can be seen in the middle.

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Park Shin Hye tagged both the company page of “PEACEMINUSONE” as well as G-Dragon’s Instagram along with a message:

Oppa gave me allowance. @peaceminusone @xxxibgdrgn“.

– Park Shin Hye

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In the second post, Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo of herself in a pink and fluffy zip-up hooded jacket, where she simply posted “#peaceminusonedotcom” as the text, showing her loyal support for her good friend.

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On the same day, G-Dragon uploaded a photo of himself wearing the same PEACEMINUSONE jacket on his Instagram, further showing the two are extremely close.

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On January 25, the two also attended the Summer-Spring 2017 Chanel Haute Couture show, proving that Park Shin Hye and G-Dragon are indeed friendship goals.

Source: Dispatch