G-Dragon Nearly Got Kidnapped Once Because Of His Fashion

G-Dragon was almost kidnapped due to a case of mistaken identities among a pair of managers.

Late last year, after arriving at Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport, G-Dragon was almost led into the wrong car after INFINITE‘s manager accidentally mistook him for INFINITE’s Sunggyu.

Since they both arrived at the airport at the same time, the manager simply assumed that Sunggyu was right in front of him.

As G-Dragon often wears hats that cover a lot of his face, it’s not easy to recognize it was him straight away, and even Sunggyu’s managers couldn’t tell the difference!


As G-Dragon’s hat covered most of his face, it must have been difficult for managers to figure out who it was.

While G-Dragon walked through the arrivals hall with the wrong manager, Sunggyu was spotted looking rather confused as he carried his own luggage out. The 2 managers apologized and immediately returned to Sunggyu after realizing their mistake.

Sunggyu was forced to carry his own luggage before eventually finding his manager.

Check out G-Dragon’s arrival and the manager’s hilarious mistake below!

Source: ETToday