G-Dragon plans to surprise fans this year

There’s good news for BIGBANG fans who are sad about the groups pending hiatus.

It is reported that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is planning to release a solo album sometime this year, curing all fans of the heartbreak caused by TOP‘s military enlistment.

G-Dragon himself hinted at the possibility of a solo comeback at BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary concert stating,

“You will not be able to see BIGBANG as a group for a while. However we will come to you in various other ways. We plan to be even better from now on.”

This would mark G-Dragon’s first solo album since his 2013 release of “Coup D’etat”. His debut album, “Heartbreaker”, was back in 2009 and propelled him as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

As it stands, there is currently no set release date but G-Dragon plans to make a comeback as soon as his album wraps up. It is also being reported that a solo concert is in the works along with the album as well.

Source: TV Report