G-Dragon Shared A Childhood Letter He Wrote For His Parents

In celebration of Parent’s Day in Korea, G-Dragon shared a letter he wrote as a child to his parents.

Parent’s Day in Korea is on May 8 of every year. While many other countries have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on separate dates, Korea combined them into one in 1973.

To celebrate and show his appreciation for his parents, G-Dragon took to Instagram to upload a childhood letter he wrote to his parents. It was uploaded with a caption, “#ChildhoodHandwrittenLetter #ParentsDay.”

The letter was handwritten by G-Dragon when he was in elementary school, where he thanked his parents for everything they had done for him and promised them to be a better son.

“I would like to thank my mother and father for their enormous love in celebration of Parent’s Day.

I will not forget your grace in giving birth to me, raising me healthily, and sending me to a good school.

I’m sorry I don’t fulfill my filial duties for Mother every day. In the future, I will be a son who fulfills them.

Mother, Father, I will also never ask you to buy me something again.

Mother, Father, I will pray to God that you are always healthy.
Mother, Father, I love you.

From your loving Jiyong.”

— G-Dragon

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A follow-up post was also added and featured a compilation of his mom and dad.

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Last month, G-Dragon also shared photos of himself and his parents from when he was young.

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