These Childhood Letters From G-Dragon To His Mom Will Hit You Right In The Feels

G-Dragon recently shared these heartwarming memories from his childhood in a pair of Instagram posts.

G-Dragon recently shared a set of heart-warming letters he wrote when he was a child with his fans on Instagram. The posts were captioned with ‘childhood letters 1 & 2’ and show the BIGBANG star’s true personality.

The letters were written for his mother, and he shows his love and respect to her not only in the content but also in the condition of the letters. The letters have been well taken care of, and even though the were written many years ago, they look like they haven’t been touched by time. It certainly looks like, even as a child, G-Dragon was the same sweetheart with the same artistic dreams that he has now.

Check out G-Dragon’s childhood letters below:

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“Hello Mom. I am your one and only son, Kwon Ji Yong.”

— G-Dragon

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“Until the day I die
I look up at the sky
Without a speck of shame
I felt tormented
by the leaf in the wind.
With the heart of singing a star
I shall love everything that dies..
And I must walk the path
that was given to me.

The winds graze the stars
tonight as well.

This poem is my favorite poem..
As of now, if I learn more poems then I’ll recite more poems for you…”

— G-Dragon