Photos surface of G-Dragon hanging out with Sulli, Hara, and Gain

G-Dragon may have earned a new set of friends after his trip to Paris, France in the form of fellow idols Sulli, Hara, and Gain

Recently, an online community published photos of their recent trip to a theme park that highlighted their growing friendship. The celebrities may have attempted to cover their identities during the trip but the photos evidently showed their time at the theme park with their close set of friends.

G-Dragon with friends at Lotte World in Seoul

G-Dragon, in particular, appeared with his trademark black face mask. He was also further identified for his cell phone cover which he recently shared on his personal Instagram account.

The cell phone cover that gave G-Dragon away.

Hara and Gain sported similar face masks, while Sulli was photographed posing gamely and wearing a rabbit headpiece after the ride.

Sulli, Hara, and Gain were also present at G-Dragon’s brand exhibit in France, which has added fuel to the buzz about their sudden closeness.

They all appear so close.

G-Dragon and Sulli photographed while on a ride

Source: Dispatch