G-Friend Attempts Dancing To “Me Gustas Tu” Blindfolded

G-Friend captivated the audience and fans with their extraordinary blindfolded performance of their song, Me Gustas Tu.

The Source Music Entertainment artists were challenged perform their hit song, Me Gustas Tu in the show called ZAMSTER and the catch was that they have to be blindfolded while performing.

Besides their vocals, G-Friend is widely known for how in sync with their dancing skills as a group. The members took the challenge and wowed the audience with how effortless they danced while blindfolded.

The members kept careful distance from each other and even at times reached out to make sure they wouldn’t bump into each other.

The members pulled off the amazing performance and it was as if they weren’t blindfolded at all. Their performance also showcased their incredible teamwork as a group and professionalism as artists.

Check out G-Friend’s epic blindfolded performance in the video below!