GFriend Spotted Using Wigs To Hide Their Hair For Come Back

With their upcoming comeback due soon, GFriend is making sure their individual stage concepts are not leaked by hiding their hair color and style with dark wigs.

A user on an online community portal has uploaded recent photos of GFriend members performing on stage with wigs on, prompting fans to speculate that the group has already decided on a stage concept for their upcoming comeback, but are taking precautions so as to keep it a surprise.

Netizens commented on how excited they were for GFriend’s comeback, and that they could hardly tell that the members were actually wearing wigs.

The post ended in wishing GFriend a great comeback for March, as several media sources had reported; however, GFriend’s agency Source Music has denied these reports and announced that they are indeed preparing for a comeback, but a specific date has not yet been set.

Check out GFriend’s members wearing wigs and see if you can tell!

Source: Instiz