G-Friend Yerin shows the importance of camera angles

GFriend‘s Yerin shows her funny side in this hilarious GIF which shows fans the importance of camera angles when taking a selfie.

Many celebrities are often seen taking care of their image. Because they are public figures, they make sure to look pretty on camera and barely show their bare-face. Most of their life is captured by cameras and is bound to stay with them for life.

Anything that goes on the internet stays there, so many idols make sure to look their absolute best no matter what.

While there are idols who try to look their very best on camera, there are also ones that show how foolish they are by showing off their funny sides on camera. Yerin is one of these idols.

This one GIF shows Yerin making a double chin as she looks down at the camera before fixing her expression as she moves the camera up. The angle of the shot is very important according to the gif below.