This Video Proves G-Friend Is One Of The Most Talented Groups In K-Pop

G-Friend performed “Navillera” live on a radio show, and an acapella of their performance showed they were pitch-perfect the whole time.

The original video, taken from a recording of KBS‘s Park Ji Yoon‘s Gayo Plaza, shows G-Friend singing live to “Navillera” and has resurfaced and is going viral, showcasing G-Friend’s true vocal skills.

Last July, the girls joyfully sang their song and had fun while performing, but they had no idea that people outside of the recording studio could hear only their voices without the instrumental.

Fans were able to watch G-Friend from outside the studio, and even though the members couldn’t hear them, they still cheered for the members and shouted encouragement. One fan recorded a video of them singing from the studio, and the video was able to record their whole performance. Not one of the members was off pitch throughout the whole song, and their strong voices captivated all those who listened.

While fans were only able to catch the girls’ vocals, the full performance from the radio show combined their sublime vocals with the original backing music, making a perfect performance.

Check out the complete performance from Cool Fm below!

Source: Dispatch