GFRIEND fans are in love with Eunha’s signature pouty face

GFRIEND‘s Eunha has been capturing her fans’ hearts one cute, pouty expression at a time and it’s not hard to see why in these GIFs.

Idols are constantly providing fanservice to their loyal devotees, and GFRIEND’s Eunha has been garnering attention for her adorable, pouting aegyo that is driving fans wild.

While some have wondered whether Eunha’s aegyo is purely an act of fanservice, it seems evident from the reactions (or lack thereof) of her fellow members that her cute pouting is indeed genuine.

Check out these super adorable GIFs of Eunha’s pouty aegyo:

Now THAT’s how you pout.

How could you resist Eunha’s sad, pouty expression?

So adorable.

How is it even possible to look this cute and frustrated at the same time?

Eunha’s slightly pursed lips, rounded cheeks, and mini-headshake are just too cute.

Her animated, over-the-top expressions are just one of the reasons why her fans love her.

Source: Dispatch