G-Friend’s Sowon Might Have The Longest Legs in K-Pop

Idols are known for their various unique features and G-Friend‘s Sowon has been receiving quite a lot of attention for her legs

Fans have been noticing how “unrealistically” long G-Friend Sowon’s legs really are and have posted several full-body shots to illustrate their point. Although many idols have been praised for having model-like proportions, fans are claiming that Sowon could have the longest pairs of legs in the entire Korean entertainment industry.

Check out some photos highlighting Sowon’s incredibly long and toned legs below:

She looks like a mannequin with legs like those.
Even in flats, her legs look super long!
She looks more like a supermodel on a runway than an idol.
Her legs can really pull off some knee-high socks.
How are they so straight, long, and parallel?

Source: Dispatch