G-Friend’s Sowon Was Told She “Looks Like Sowon” in Hungary

G-Friend‘s Sowon was traveling in Hungary for Sky Drama‘s Europe That G-Friend Loves, and there she was told that she “looked like Sowon” by other Korean tourists.

Sowon had traveled in Hungary for their travel program, Europe That G-Friend Loves, and while there, she was described as someone who “looked like Sowon” instead of being recognized as the real Sowon.

In the series’ eighth episode, Sowon was touring Gellert Hill in Hungary’s Budapest, and there, several Korean tourists had almost recognized her. While some looked at her out of the corner of their eyes to see if she was a celebrity, one other tourist was overheard telling their friend, “She looks like Sowon”.

Sowon couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and then put on a playful pout and say, “I’m the real Sowon…“, which was accompanied by sad music to heighten the humor.

Watch a clip from the episode here: