g.o.d Breaks Out Their Schoolgirl Uniforms For This “Very, Very, Very” Cover

g.o.d’s Son Hoyong, Kim Taewoo, and Danny Ahn were a big hit as they performed I.O.I’s “Very, Very, Very” with Somi

The television program, Golden Tambourine, was first broadcast on December 15th and the show hinted at a performance titled, “g.o.d and Friends”.

As the program progressed, the three g.o.d members revealed that they initially selected a few numbers for the performance and eventually chose I.O.I’s “Very, Very, Very” at random. What was at first a random suggestion, transformed into a full-fledged concept as g.o.d’s members created and performed adult and male versions of I.O.I’s cheerleading concepts. Somi was also featured in the performance and the group received a lot of cheer for their stage presence and on point choreography. The cute outfits and unique choreography were refreshing to watch and the performance was a hit!

Golden Tambourine is Mnet’s latest music variety show and took as its inspiration Karaoke-inspired dance performances. Danny Ahn, Son Hoyoung, Kim Taewoo, and Somi won the episode with 90 points.

Source: Sports Today