Where Are They Now? The Girl Group Who Debuted With An Average Age Of 9.75

They are one of the youngest groups ever!

As more K-Pop groups debut, the age of the members is always a discussed topic. Recently, NewJeans‘s debut rekindled discussions about this issue, as three members were underage at the time.


Just a few months ago, a new group was slated to make a release with an eleven-year-old included in the lineup, though they disbanded the same day.  While this is incredibly young, a girl group once debuted at ages even younger than this.

In 2010, Antzstar Company announced that they would form a girl group made up of four members, shocking netizens. Though girl groups debut all the time, the members and their ages — Chaeyoung (10)…

Yuri (10)…

… Hyein (9)…

…and Yoonjung (9) — was the reason for the surprise.

The group released a single track, “Pinky Pinky,” in December 2010, though they could not perform on many shows due to age restrictions.

The girl group was apparently formed just because the girls wanted to debut and not to be financially successful. Ultimately, they quietly disbanded after their debut sometime in 2012, likely when their company went bankrupt.

Not many updates are available on Chaeyoung and Yoonjung, though the latter appeared in several programs after the group’s disbandment but has not worked recently.

Yuri, also known as Kim Yoo Ri, went on to star in two dramas after the group’s quiet disbandment, Love Again as the younger version of Kim Ji Soo‘s character and Dear My Sister as the child version of Song Eun Joo‘s character. She is currently studying film arts at college.

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Hyein also continued working as a child actress and also continued her education. The 22-year-old is active on TikTok, where she has over 65 thousand followers.


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She also is active on Instagram, where she has shared photos of herself modeling for the brand YVIS. Though she does not appear to still be active in the traditional entertainment industry, she is living her best life!

Where Are They Now?